Would You Drink A Bone Broth Cappuccino?

by Marisa Petrarca · November 7, 2016

    Is it us, or do food and drink trends seem to get weirder and weirder by the day? We'll let you be the judge on the latest one that gives a whole new meaning to "cappuccino." Think meat.

    We're talking bone broth beverages, made with brodo broth that's been whipped up (like the beloved coffee concoction) with fats like grass-fed butter, bone marrow and coconut oil. The result? You'd definitely be fooled into thinking it was a normal cappuccino upon first glance. But...maybe not first taste.

    Bone broth cappuccinos can be found at fine-dining chef Marco Canora's new West Village store which opens today. Canora's original East Village window service and Bryant Park kiosk are both strictly bone broth take-out operations that sadly don't offer the new cappuccinos. The new location gives its guests the time and space to enjoy as many cups of bone broth soup or drinks as they can in a cafe-like (appropriate), relaxed atmosphere.

    The new cappuccino menu features 11 combinations including the "Morning A Go Go" (Chicken broth, bitter cacao and brodo blend of stimulating herbs with grass-fed butter) and "What Came First" (Chicken broth, organic egg yolk and warm spice blend).

    You're probably thinking, "Oh, that's cool and weird and all, but why?" Well, bone broth is full of nutrients and is rich in protein, collagen and gelatin. It's a healthy and nourishing replacement for the caffeinated beverages that nearly every American consumes in the morning. Basically, if you want to take control of your health and life, you can start with a hearty cup full o' Brodo.

    As winter approaches and your hot drink cravings are stronger than ever, why not give something new a try? Grab a bone broth cappuccino in West Village ASAP and you'll be happy to find that it will definitely "meat" your expectations of being equally weird, intriguing and possibly even delicious.

    Brodo, 496 Hudson Street, NY, NY

    [Photo via @brodonyc]