Would You Try Cheetos Macarons?

by Stephanie Maida · November 14, 2017

    The all-Cheetos gourmet eatery may have come and gone, but lovers of the cult favorite stoner snack are in luck. Apparently there are plenty of classy ways to enjoy the artificial cheesy goodness of Cheetos, including, as the French do, mixed into macarons.

    Fine, maybe Marie Antoinette wasn't opting for orange powdery finger foods, but thanks to NYC's Macaron Parlour, you can.

    Complete with orange dyed meringue based shells, the sweet and savory bites are filled with Cheetos ganache, a formula made of white chocolate and crushed Cheetos puffs. They're then topped with cheese powder which, according to creator Christina Ha, served as the original inspiration for the wacky dessert hybrid.

    Glamorously boxed and shipped, these treats are available online at just $15 for 6, making it a hilarious and strangely chic gift idea this holiday season. Just remember to send wet wipes along, too.

    [Photo via @torenw]