A Glitter Cappuccino Is The Most Glamorous Way To Wake Up

by Raya O'Neal · November 6, 2017

    What's better than starting your day with a nice hot cappuccino?

    Ordering the Tinkerbell version, of course.

    Yes, you can now sparkle on the inside and out with edible glitter cappuccinos. While this magical trend hasn't hit NYC yet, Aussie cafe Coffee By Di Bella is serving them up across Mumbai, with fancy AF options including gold and diamond dust. 

    Sparkle sippers say that it gives the cappuccino a creamy texture and even leaves your lips with a shiny gloss. Talk about an aftertaste. After their Unicorn Frap FAIL, it definitely looks like Starbucks needs to step their game up.

    [Photo via @coffeebydibella]