Breaking: High Society's Paul Johnson Calderon Caught Stealing, AGAIN!

by Chiara Atik · February 25, 2010

    [The crime scene from incident #1, left]

    Are you KIDDING me, PJC?! A tipster informs us that the "High Society" star with a penchant for theft was caught trying to steal Amanda Dunn's Purse at the High Society afterparty at Rose Bar on Tuesday night.

    UPDATE! We just received an official statement from Rose Bar's Nur Khan saying: "We don't tolerate theft in Rose Bar. We protect out guest."  Word.


    Apparently PJC tried to steal Amanda's purse, was caught, thrown out of the party, and banned from Rose Bar for life. FOR LIFE. The last anyone saw of him, he was sitting on the curb outside the party, crying. Which can't be that unusual for him because he did that at our party too, I remember because I had to politely step over him to leave.

    We aren't sure if this is true or if it's just a publicity stunt...Amanda cheerily uploaded pictures of Tuesday night onto her Facebook with no sign of trauma, and she and Paul are FRIENDS. Then again, so were Kashmir and Jennifer Hirsch...

    PJC's twitter is pretty silent on the whole matter, but it's hard to really emote about getting thrown out of a club for trying to steal a woman's purse at the afterparty of the premiere of your new reality show about High Society in 140 characters.

    If it IS true, Rose Bar certainly did a better job than the Eldridge of protecting its patrons!

    Publicity stunt or real scandal, this behavior is pretty shameless, you gotta admit.