Dear GofG: In Defense Of The Oak Room

by Chiara Atik · October 20, 2010

    On Monday, we sort of lambasted the new owners of The Plaza Hotel and lamented it's downward spiral from elegant pinnacle of society to cheesy B&T gathering place. Yesterday, we got a letter that put the issue in a whole new light. -

    We still think it's a shame the hotel's gone from Eloise to The Situation, but this letter has some good points. Read it below and decide for yourself.

    Hi, Chiara.

    Read your post on Plaza and I don't disagree but do you know that the Oak Room has nothing to do with the plaza....

    Different owners.

    No relationship to Plaza's problems with their own spaces or with the retail court or with the retailers.

    Oak Room is making money!

    Oak Room is having fun, too.

    We're very well aware that the demographic that would have been sought after has gotten much older and no longer a player.

    Tourists are a given.

    The only way to grow a new clientele is to be more fun. Fun food. Updated drinks. Great desserts. New things to do. Look at it this way: what IS there to do on the upper east side?? We may as well give them a watering hole to patronize.

    I say its a great meeting place between East and West sides; downtown and uptown....its in the center of NY. Why not give everyone a reason to come to Oak Room?

    That's it.

    Best, Sam.

    What do you guys think? Would love to hear your responses in the comments.

    [Note: Googling tells us the author of this letter works for a PR firm. Still.]