Someone Pissed In Gavin McInnes's Cereal

by SHIT LIPS · January 8, 2010

    Pardon the obvious headline, but Vice magazine-founding, skinhead-fighting and Jack Kerouac-hating Gavin McInnes threw an irresistible lob.  Read his rebuttal email to the hipster post slight that got him all riled up, and learn how McInnes alone changed the demography of NYC and why this Guest of a Guest writer "doesn't deserve  to lick the dogshit off his boots."

    Hello Shitlips, I noticed you were bitching about my lack of accomplishments on a nightlife blog. Just so you know, "hipster" is a term that goes back to the fucking 40s and the fact that you've chose Kerouac as your favorite shows most of your knowledge comes from things you saw in a picture book. Kerouac was a pathetic alcoholic that died in his own bile in the basement of his mommy's house bitching about how the Jews are controlling the world. Kerouac wasn't a writer he was in fact, a typer and if you want to talk about actual published work alone I've actually written more words that have seen more eyeballs than that pathetic old racist the baby boomers brainwashed you into worshipping.

    At any rate, you are a pathetic little turd who doesn't deserve to lick the dog shit off my boots let alone judge my accomplishments. I was fighting skinheads and putting on punk shows when you were still trying to figure out how to go potty. During your adult life, I brought a sad little English newspaper from Montreal (same hometown as Jack or "petite Jean" as his doting mommy called him) and built it into a multi-media empire with 150 employees and offices in over 14 countries. I made millions of dollars and changed the demography of your favorite city and you blogged about a party where the Real Housewives of New York City did a bump.

    Stick to what you know: Fuck all.

    Right back at cha.

    UPDATE! Because some of you are questioning the validity of the sender, we are showing you the full address in the screen shot below. It's not like you couldn't find it online anyway: