Which Downtown Hotel Is Getting High School Kids Drunk On Olde English?

by BILLY GRAY · April 13, 2010

    A source says the bestest booziest underage parties in NYC go down in a swank hotel nightclub (natch) below Houston Street. The bashes are illegal and wrong in many ways; they even introduce wide-eyed youths to the sudsy perils of malt liquor. Does anyone have proof?

    Here's the tip:

    "[Redacted] has been doing high school parties, they also have been bringing in their own beer, they do 40oz Wednesdays - which is illegal. Some of their clientele is 18 years old. Literally, I was there last Wednesday, I ran into the NYC prep kids..."

    It's been awhile since we've refreshed our Best Underage Bars list. But we need to confirm the details before getting the hotel in trouble (for the underage stuff and also bypassing official liquor distribution channels) and interfering with P.C. and Camille's ghetto fabulous nightlife.