Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box

Tory BurchAs if there weren't enough reasons to love that blonde little sprite of a Grace Kelly lookalike, there is her eponymous Tory Burch Foundation. Developing and producing educational programs, mentorships, and access to capital for burgeoning women entrepreneurs. Help support the world's next Tory Burches in realizing their ambitious aspirations by picking up their Seed Box, a specially curated gift set featuring 6 products all made by women entrepreneurs - from a Berry Brass Bracelet from The Brave Collection and a Fir Needle Travel Candle by Apotheke, to a Nazan Turkish Bath Towel by SEVI and an Embrace Ambition Key Fob by Tory Burch herself. With 100% of the proceeds benefiting the foundation, and 100% of the products being ridiculously chic, it's a no brainer. Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box, $98
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