Last Minute Gifts To Maximize Someone's 2011 Partying

by Sun Kersor · December 22, 2010

    Still in a jam to snag that last minute gift? Schedulistic difficulties and an unkind muse got you down? Check out our must-have selections from "Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts."

    Barbie Foosball:

    It's a cute way to recapture the innocent aggression of pulling off Barbie heads without the creppiness factor. Classic for pre-game competition before a night out on the town.

    We Met On Facebook Gum:

    This satisfies a tongue-in-cheek urge you may have when gifting to someone you originally met online. We don't necessarily recommend actually chewing it.

    Flying Pasties:

    Protect your junk! Given TSA's revamped X-ray and body inspection measures, your friend or loved one might appreciate the 2mm-thick rubber pasty for discreet travel. Some come with the words "Only My Boyfriend Sees Me Naked" and others "Just Hidin' My Junk." The more bohemian among you can land peace-sign pasties. Just $20 bucks for a set and perfect for holiday travel.

    Waffle On A Stick Maker:

    Sometimes it's just too hard to eat a proper Belgian waffle--what with the knife and fork prerequisites and the labor of cutting. Couldn't your night on the town be made easier as you have a snack before rushing out the door? Dude, lehgo your Eggo. Get a wafflesicle maker for your dear friend, and behold the splendor your evenings will hold in store.

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