The Best Guest Come Bearing Gifts: The Wine Rack

by Roxana Hernandez · November 15, 2011

    Want bigger boobs? Can't afford implants? Want to get drunk but can't afford a $7 beer or glass of wine?  With the Wine Rack, not only do you get big ol' tittes but you'll get wasted over and over again. Kill two birds with one stone with this genius gift.

    The Wine Rack Bra is a sports bra fitted with a bag for liquids that can hold up to 750 ml (that's 64 shots, 6.8 beers and 3.2 bottles of wine). All the while making your ta-tas go from A cups to D cups. It's perfect for outdoor concerts, BYOB events- pretty much any place that beer and wine are over priced (which is everywhere) and picking up boob loving fellas. It's only $30 which makes this a genius gift! It's cheaper than a boob job and 4 beers at the bar or an event. Get it girl.

    [Photo via SheFinds]