The Best Guest Come Bearing Gifts...The Circular Walking Bookshelf

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · April 23, 2010

    The Circular Walking Bookshelf may not be the safest, or most productive way to read a book...but hey, it looks pretty cool. -

    No one is quite sure who designed this masterpiece, or whether it even really exists. Basically, the point is to grab a book you would like to read, step in the middle of the circle and begin walking. You're combining your physical work out with your mental exercise!

    There are probably some height restrictions, in order to actually fit in the circle. And you may want a very large, studio apartment with no other furniture in it. Also, you may want to avoid going any where near the stairs. If you're not very coordinated, like me, you may want to just stick with the conventional bookshelf.

    This is a really cool idea, but I see a lawsuit waiting to happen here...