The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: Millionaire Confetti

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 1, 2010

    Happy Millionaire Confetti. Anyone can light his Ben Franklins on fire, but only a real contender can shower himself with millions of eensy particles of paper money.-

    For a mere 6.95 Euros, you can purchase 70 grams of 15 millimeter confetti - which, in confetti parlance, is the "king size" confetti. It's made from what we assume (but are not certain!) are fake dollar bills . And, for that extra continental flair, there are Euro pieces mixed in with the dollars! As your friend opens the door, surprise him with a flurry of fiscal-themed fragments to the face. He will feel flattered, validated, and blinded. That's what we call a gift.

    [Photo courtesy of Design 3000]