"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts..." Modern Art Board Game

by Rachelle Hruska · May 4, 2009

    Modern Art Board Game.  I had the opportunity to experience first hand the high-risk world of art auctions while playing "Modern Art" with friends last weekend.  Buying and selling paintings is a very lucrative buisness, and that's the premise of this game. Whether you're the buyer or the seller, it's up to you to make the most money in your transactions.  The best part? You and your fellow players are the ones deciding who's hot and who's not each season, making for a unique, unreplicatable experience each time.  And, if our game was any kind of premonition, I should be working at Sotheby's. A great game to give as a gift to anyone that likes learning unusual games, or that is an art enthusiast themselves, for only $20, going once...going twice...sold!