The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts... Superhero Supplies

by EVAN MULVIHILL · July 21, 2009

    Gravity in a canGravity-in-a-can. Where last summer had Ironman and The Incredible Hulk, this summer has Transformers and Bruno. Where are the epic blockbusters pitting larger-than-life mutants versus evil villains? Conspicuously absent, we here at GofG feel. And that's why, in case you or a friend need your dose of superhero this summer, we recommend that you mosey over to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company and purchase some reality-defying wares. Our personal favorite? At just $11.25, the Aardvard Brothers Brand Truth Serum is a steal, whether you're interrogating a shady character or just seeing where your significant really was last night.