"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts..." The Bucket BBQ

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · June 10, 2009

    The Bucket BBQ.'Tis the season for BBQs, in the country or the city and come rain or shine. (See, for example, our rocking rooftop BBQ in May.) That's why this handy Bucket BBQ is the perfect summer accessory and a great gift; it's like a party to go. Just grab your flip flops, surfboard, some beverages, and the Bucket BBQ and you'll be ready for the perfect day at the beach.  The Bucket BBQ is part of the "ShoRE" collection by the folks at RE, a cool British shop that sells a variety "found objects" for all tastes, ranging from plaster Virgin Mary's to a bottle of the best bubble bath in the world. It's a steal at $31.90. Happy grilling.