"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts..." The Car Tent!

by SARAH MANDATO · June 16, 2009

    The Car Tent, for urban camping! You now have an answer for all those hippie granola types telling you the city is too busy, lacking nature-y (this is totally a word) things like camp grounds (I have to remind myself that, were this true, one would actually want to, ick, camp).

    Now you can camp on the mean streets of New York! Who needs to leave the city?! The Car Tent adapts the fun of sitting in uncomfortable spaces doing nothing for the urbanite. On a serious note, it does let you take a little "you time." Feel the comfort of city sounds while ignoring escaping that pesky list of to-do's and those people who don't seem to understand no one is allowed to just "stop by" in New York. If you really can't take a break from the bustle - we are all so busy and important - the camping tent has a host of other uses. Save your parking space when you run errands, set it up in your living room so your houseguest's kids will leave you alone have somewhere to romp or put it over your laundry pile while telling friends it's the latest thing in modern home decor. The possibilities are endless.