The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: The Coolest Ice Cubes For Your Summer Drinks

by Mara Siegler · June 1, 2011

    Titan of NY mixology scene, Sasha Petraske, has launched an artisanal ice company, Hundredweight Ice, and charges big bucks for it. The Darby was even adding two extra dollars for those frozen cubes of water.  This summer, keep your cocktails cool with fancy ice done the cheap way--- with unique ice cube trays!

    Here are some choices for whatever kind of party you might be throwing or attending.

    1. If you are or know a musician, can you really resist these guitar shaped freezers? [Via]

    2. Or, check out these literally cool Rolling Stone ices. [Via]

    3. These Teris cubes are perfect for the nostalgic gamer geek. [Via]

    4. If you are looking for a fun but relaxed game to play at parties, letting guests create words with their ice cubes is a good one. Or use specific letters catered to the theme like "X" and "O" or if its your birthday, the letters of your name. [Via]

    5. As Grease will have you know, summer is all about lovin and having a blast. Add a smootch to your cocktail. [Via]

    6. Bite the bullet by adding some ammo to a killer drink. [Via]

    7. But what's a bullet without a gun? Continue the theme with this gangster good.  [Via]

    8. Summer is also about fishing. For others, eating fish. Why not let them cool your brew as well. [Via]

    9. To continue the water theme, these Yellow Submarine ice cubes give a dose of boating in the most British-rock-band-way possible. [Via]

    10. For some, only one thing acts as the perfect accompaniment to a nice cold drink on a hot summer day. [Via]