"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts..." The IKEA Roll-Up Chair

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · April 3, 2009

    The Ikea Roll-Up Chair. One of the best things about New York is the go-go-go lifestyle, but everyone needs to stop and take a breather every so often.  And while you might have ABC tastes, these are definitely IKEA times.  So next time you are considering a new perch, check out Ikea's Miesrolo Chair, designed by Uros Vitas.

    (In keeping with the industrial look, the chair is both functional and flexible, collapsing for easy storage. And, as anyone who has tried to cram all their belongings into a tiny Manhattan studio knows, that sort of versatility is priceless. Miesrolo will probably be a hit among the increasing numbers of young New Yorkers who may find themselves redecorating their, ahem, "home offices" but still want room for late night impromptu dance parties with like minded friends.