The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: Wine Rack For Your Bike, The Perfect Picnic Date Accompaniment

by Bess Bucknam · May 13, 2011

    Ever struggle getting your wine to the park with only your bike? Now you can with ease! A talented Canadian came up with the idea of the strap on wine rack for your bike. Soon New Yorkers can protest with class as they fight for their bike lanes with a comforting glass of Merlot in their hand. Or better yet, go on a picnic at the park in style.

    The strap on wine rack from Etsy (every hipsters go-to site) is made out of recycled antique brass hardware to keep the bottle very secure.  But considering the placement of the wine bottle resembles that of where a water bottle should be placed, drinking and driving may become an issue.   Either way, this portable wine rack will give New Yorkers a much easier time transporting their wine to parks, parties, and of course, picnics.

    With this new invention planning a great outdoor date is simple.

    Pick your date up on your bike, strap on some cheap wine, and take them to the park.  Some great inexpensive wines we love include the infamous Charles Shaw two-buck-chuck, Twin Fin Pinot, and Little Penguin Merlot.

    Since you're saving so much money on transportation and drinks, splurging on food and accessories is a great way to impress your date.  Pick up some take out from that expensive restaurant you've been wanting to try (before you get your date of course).  Restaurants all around the city are now offering packed lunches, making picnicking that much easier!. A few restaurants that offer this great service include Telepan, and 'witchcraft.' The Coffee Shop serves up  grilled pita with spicy chickpea dip and banana cream pie.

    To really impress your date, check out Etsy for a great picnic basket and blanket to put the finishing touches on the perfect date