The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts...Heated Socks

by SARAH MANDATO · November 20, 2009

    12 Hour Heated Socks. It can be a rude awakening when summer humidity is abruptly replaced by what I like to refer to as, "death cold." Once fall weather cements it's place in the morning forecast (a daily cloud, both literally and figuratively), my wardrobe becomes the perpetual rotation of fat coats. It's nice to get home, shed some layers, and cozy up with these 12 hour heated socks.

    They'll keep you toasty while you're bopping around the house. It's like having a warm fire blazing, but realistic. Not many NYC apartments actually have a fireplace, and even if they did, so few of us would go to the trouble of dirtying ourselves up with soot and those heavy logs. We're not Rocky Balboa, for goodness sake.