"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts"...Send A Message

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 5, 2010

    Send A Message: So, someone, somewhere, in this crazy world of ours, came up with the idea that you should be able to pay someone to spray paint a message on the West Bank barrier, and that should be considered a gift. Do you read me? A GIFT. As in "here, I gave someone $40 to write how much I love you in a place you'll never see. Happy birthday."-

    Is it romantic? Kind of, but only after four shots of tequila and a six month dry spell. Is it useful? No. So how is this real? I don't know, but it is. It's actually so real that if you did pay someone to write how much you love your girlfriend (way to delegate your emotions and gift giving responsibilities to somebody else, by the way), you'd get three digital pictures to prove it. This means a person carried some blue spray paint in their backpack over to the wall, looked around to make sure nobody was looking, and sprayed "I love you, Maria," next to a wildy inappropriate sketch because you gave them money. Look at you and all your gloriously generous thoughts.

    This is exactly why anything worth receiving should be able to fit in a box. Doesn't matter the size. It should just be able to be encased to by four pieces of cardboard. This is just as lame as giving someone a glass jar of air from Fiji. (You know who you are.)

    [image via gift genius]