"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts"...Simluated Swimming Pool

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · May 3, 2010

    Simulated Swimming Pool: Is your Michael Phelps-decorated swimming pool not going to be finished in time for summer? No worries, mate. Leandro Erlich came up with this way to make it look like you actually do have time management skills.-

    Technically, this is a "simulated" pool, so you won't need a pool boy or filters or anything. You won't even need Bob Vila to build it! The way it works is Erlich put two big pieces of transparent acrylic glass on top of the lining. Between the glass he put a layer of water about 10 centimeters deep, so that when viewed from above and below the glass, the water "in" the pool appears to move. Now, even though you can't swim in it, you can do one better -- which is charge people admittance so they can see your "real" but "not real" pool.

    [image via likecool]