The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts...The Apple Tablet

by Rachelle Hruska · July 27, 2009

    The Apple Tablet. Check out this portable, full-featured, tablet-sized computer care of Apple that will be on everyone's Christmas List this year. Apple is joining forces with record labels to stimulate digital sales, and the Apple Tablet is hoping to be a "new revolution."  The new touch-sensitive device will have a screen that will be up to 10 inches diagonally and will connect to the internet like the iPod Touch.

    More below:

    "Apple is gambling that it can succeed where everyone else has flopped, including Microsoft, which tirelessly pushed a tablet-ready version of its Windows operating system as a personal favourite of founder Bill Gates.

    The entertainment industry is hoping that Apple, which revolutionised the markets for music players and phones, can do it again with the new device.

    "It's going to be fabulous for watching movies," said one entertainment executive." [Financial Times]