"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts"...The Champ Sofa

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 27, 2010

    Champ Sofa: German designer Tobias Fraenzel is super pissed. That, or he's too lazy to leave the comforts of his overly-modern sofa. The sudden urge to hit someone can arise at anytime, and Fraenzel has formed the perfect outlet for such passion-fueled aggression.


    You never know when you're smart-phone will buzz with a call from an annoying ex or social-climbing bitch--setting you into a rage of fury. In order to alleviate such stresses, Tobias Fraenzel has created a sofa that also serves as a punching bag.

    The sofa's back-cushion flips up to stand as the perfect punching/kicking surface.

    Getting sweaty on your sofa--entirely disgusting, or kind of hot? We're not entirely sure...

    One thing we know, however, is kicking the bag over the heads of your guests will totally scare the shit out of them.