"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts"...The MusucBag

by BILLY GRAY · January 22, 2010

    The MusucBag: Has the Snuggie not done enough to enable your monumental laziness? Do you shudder at the thought of washing your filthy sheets? Are you currently unable to "move your legs and arms apart freely"? If so, the MusucBag, a snug, mobilized sleeping bag, is the gratuitous accessory for you!

    Those wacky snaggletooths across the pond deserve all the credit/blame for this one. The website's sales pitch even includes a charming Britishism:

    "The Lippi Selk'Bag and MusucBag is a revolutionary new sleeping bag system which allows you the maximum mobility you need whilst keeping warm."

    And it's about time! It's not as though there are things like, I dunno, clothes, radiators or traditional blankets to keep you warm while walking around your apartment these days. (Although according to the Times, heated apartments are totally passé.)

    Then again, these manufacturers actually make the terrifying suggestion to wear this beauty out in public, claiming it will make you "the coolest cat at a musical festival." But shouldn't it make you the warmest?

    What other innovations does the Musuc (be careful with that spelling, or you'll be stuck with exactly the sort of thing the sack is supposed to prevent) bring to bear? The ability to "stand without any trouble, walk" and, you might want to sit your stiff limbs down for this, "cross your arms and legs."

    Kidding aside, I'm going to drop a hint and let everyone know I've got a birthday coming up when I pass word of this along. I'm a NASA enthusiast, so the astronautical design definitely appeals to me.

    Although it also recalls a question often asked of space pioneers: how do you take a leak wearing this thing?