The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts...The NYC Subway Map Dress

by Chiara Atik · July 6, 2009

    NYC Subway Map Dress. OMG this dress is the perfect gift for any NYC girl, it solves so many problems:

    PROBLEM #1: You are lost on the Z train, which honestly you didn't even know was a train, you're not entirely sure you're still in New York State, and there are no maps to be found. But it's ok! Because you are WEARING a map!

    PROBLEM #2: You are in SoHo and you aren't lost...exactly. You just need to check something because, well, sometimes you get locals/expresses confused. I mean, not that often or anything, cause like, you're a real New Yorker, you've been here forever. And you just need a quick look at a map, just to confirm you're on the right train...but you can't be seen looking at the map on the wall BECAUSE THEN YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A TOURIST! But luckily you have the perfect solution! You can just casually look down at your lap as if you are brushing away a piece of lint. Because you are WEARING a map!

    Problem #3: You finally got a coveted seat on the 6 train during rush hour. You want to close your eyes and forget you are on public transportation, but the group of Japanese tourists standing directly in front of you, trying to see the map directly behind you, is making it difficult to relax. You awkwardly lean forward so that your nose is touching your knees as they climb over you to try to find their way to Times Square. And then you remember, all this can be avoided! You can sit up and they can just stare at your chest! Because you are WEARING a map!