The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts...The Ornament Flask

by SARAH MANDATO · November 30, 2009

    The Ornament Flask. Hiding booze in this ornament will save the energy of scheming liquor cabinet trips your mother would surely notice and criticize. Now you can just escape to the living room, and return visibly happier with a reassuring, "I was just admiring the tree."

    Conveniently sized to be a stocking stuffer, you should share with your siblings and friends! Nothing brings in the holiday spirit like a little stress release free from scrutiny. After all, as one of my college professors aptly observed, the closer a blood relative, the more likely they are to drive you absolutely insane. Since in my observation that often proves true, and the holidays often mean ample family quality time, you might as well plan for it. And we should not soon forget that this clever aid is also rather cute and festive.