What's On Dria Murphy's Holiday Wish List?

by Christie Grimm · December 15, 2020

    'Tis the season for making a list and checking it twice. 

    Personally, we can't think of anyone more in-the-know about what's fun and cool and new than Dria Murphy. The entrepreneur and brand building machine is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the ever evolving world of wellness.

    Curious what's on her holiday wish list this year?

    Us too!

    How do you celebrate the holidays?
    I celebrate the holidays with my family. Of course, this year will look different without my mom’s annual Christmas Eve gathering with my large extended family but I feel so grateful to get time with my immediate family. 

    Where will you be this season?
    This season I’ll be in California with my family. I’m so grateful that I can be with them safely after the year we just spent apart. Truly not taking a single moment for granted!

    Are you a last minute or way in advance shopper?
    I usually buy some bigger items in advance and, suddenly, the days have crept up on me and I’m getting everything else done last minute. Sometimes I find the pressure actually makes me more creative! 

    What's the best gift you've ever given?
    I love giving gifts and really have a knack for it. My favorite gifts to give are either sentimental or an assortment of things that I know the person wouldn’t buy for themselves.

    What's on your list to get?
    I’m moving soon so my “wish list” has been very home-focused.  

    What's on your list to give?
    Well Told Health Stress Fighter + Anti-Inflammatory 
    Max ID NY Ghost Tumbler Set
    Inner Beauty Lip Oil 
    The ness Digital Subscription
    JumpSport Trampoline 
    Nylora Studio loungewear set (Sweater and Pants)
    Joey Woelffer Lavender Sage
    Sunday Forever Candle Care Set
    Prima Night Magic
    Taryn Winters Aya Nightgown
    The Well Super Powder
    Hidden Gem Seedling Cards
    Matcha Kits

    [Photo via @driamurphy]