What's On Julianne Fraser's Holiday Wish List?

by Guest of A Guest · December 24, 2021

    Julianne Fraser is the influencer behind influencers! 

    As the Founder of Dialogue New York, a leading global digital marketing consultancy with an emphasis on influencer marketing, Julianne's got a talent for tastemaker matchmaking.

    Sounds like a pretty cool gig, no? Well, factor in that she splits her time between New York and Paris and now we bet you're really jealous.

    So, curious what's on the transatlantic babe's holiday wish list?

    Us too!

    How do you celebrate the holidays?
    As someone who lives a bit of a nomadic life, I find cooking is something that makes me feel at-home and festive, no matter where I am in the world. I also think that a home-cooked meal or baked dessert is the best way to spread the love around the holidays.

    Where will you be this season?  
    I was born in Canada and my husband Robinson in the South of France, so we alternate countries each year. You can imagine the cultural differences between the two are vast! This year, we will be spending the holidays in the South West of France, so instead of holiday cookies, eggnog, stockings and ice skating, we'll be indulging in foie gras, oysters, boudin and seven hour meals around the table.

    Are you a last-minute or way-in-advance shopper? 
    As a Libra, I overthink and analyze my gift giving - to a fault. This usually results in me having no gifts in-time for the holidays and scrambling for last minute shipping and day-of delivery. Luckily, Rob is the exact opposite, so he usually inspires me to choose gifts months in advance.

    What's the best gift you've ever received?
    My love language is words of affirmation, there's nothing I love more than a thoughtfully written card. Knowing this, Robinson made me a small box of 50 cards, each with a funny note on what he loves about me, it's my most guarded possession to date.

    What's your go-to hostess gift? 
    That's simple! I always bring a bottle of my family's olive oil, Oblica, to dinner parties. The oil is organic, biodynamic, hand-picked (in part by me) and produced through traditional methods on a small plot of land in Croatia. It's delicious and comes in an elegant bottle - the perfect gift! 

    Favorite spots to shop?
    Depends where I am in the world, but this year I've been strolling around Parisian department stores, from the new Samaritaine to Le Bon Marché for inspiration.

    What's on your list to get?  
    After so many years apart due to Covid, my wishlist is quality time spent with my best friends, whom I miss dearly!

    What's on your list to give?
    Whenever I travel, I always wish I could share the experience with loved ones. So I try to find a way to send local gifts from the region. For example, at the moment I'm in Biarritz and I plan to buy a traditional Basque beret for my dad this Christmas.

    What's your take on a "festive" dress code?
    I've frozen at too many holiday parties in the past, so I like to find outfits that are stylish, yet still cozy and warm. This year, I bought a navy blue slim-fitting, wool turtle-neck dress from Rotate, one of my favorite Danish brands, which I plan to wear with heeled boots and bold earrings.

    [Photos by Jérémy Razasan]