Save Taylor Momsen From Taylor Momsen

by MATHIAS ROSENZWEIG · December 15, 2009

    Taylor MomsenLike in the case of any other intervention, we did not want to be the ones who started this. Unfortunately, we are left with little choice. This is our mission.

    The 16 year old must have seen this coming. She has even admitted to living a very adult lifestyle, saying that she can't really relate to people her own age (kids). Taylor, we don't want anything bad to happen to you. More importantly, we don't want anything bad to happen to the show. Either take a cold, hard look at yourself, or start practicing your mugshot.

    Taylor MomsenTaylor Momsen While filming Gossip Girl in Central Park, a sick Momsen excused herself to go use a public bathroom. Must have been something she "ate?"

    Taylor Momsen Oh yeah, she also passed out on the steps. Probably tired from bible study the night before.

    Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Why are the people in the background decked out in winter gear? This time of year is obviously meant for trying out looks inspired by "Pretty Woman."

    Taylor Momsen Momsen shows off her use of scissors, which she learned in art class after graduating from 8th Grade the other day.

    Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen Got to admit she at least tries to keep a good image. I mean look at her company? Isn't Lindsay Lohan known for her, like, saintliness? Here, they team up to scowl at a model who managed to show more skin than Momsen.

    Taylor MomsenTaylor Momsen Don't even worry about it. Aren't most 16 year old's showing off their legs at Gala's?

    Taylor MomsenTaylor Momsen Oh, how healthy you look.

    Taylor Momsen Momsen shows off a bra from Victoria Secret's children's department.

    Taylor Momsen Momsen sits and wonders where she is/what year it is.

    Taylor MomsenCourtney Love Momsen's future if she doesn't take our advice. She too might have to use Courtney Love's tactic of holding onto walls for balance.

    [Photos via Getty]