Colette Momsen Shows Us What Teenage Parenting Looks Like 16 Years Later...

by Chiara Atik · January 21, 2010

    Taylor Momsen was filming in Astoria yesterday, along with what looks like a youthful companion but, that woman on the left, it's actually her mother, Colette Momsen(!) The MOMsen, if you will....-




    Here's some stuff we know/can infer about the MOMsen: She is a girl about town. She goes to the gym. She hangs out with Zani Gugelmann. She cares about clothes. She is following six people on Twitter, at least four of whom are members of the Cyrus family. She maybe possibly had Taylor when she was like, eight. She's probably on a lot of people's MILF lists.

    Here's some stuff we can assume the MOMsen is not: Conservative. Strict. Baking cookies on a Friday night.


    [Images via PMc and Getty].