Were you always interested in art?

Were you always interested in art? Yeah, always. I even found something from kindergarten where you had to put what you wanted to be when you grew up and I put 'superstar artist!' But I grew up in a really, really small town, so art really started for me because I had nothing else to do. I just lived on top of a mountain with my horses, very few kids nearby. So I was just off in the woods making stuff. But when I moved here at 18, because I got a scholarship to Fordham, I actually had this weird thing of trying to do everything I could to not pursue art, so I majored in anthropology. I just went through a period of all the regular doubts. I wanted to make my parents happy. But then I ended up double majoring because I was just crazy in school. So I have a degree in visual art and a degree in anthropology.
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