Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by CARSON GRIFFITH · March 3, 2009

    From plus-size to pint-size, Tyra's an equal opportunity employer. For upcoming auditions for America's Next Top Model, "models" must be 5'7'' and under. Sorry, Gisele. [Entertainment Weekly]

    Giving up Facebook for lent?That may be a struggle for you, but it may be even harder for your dad. Or so says a growing number of parents. But isn’t that what privacy settings are for anyway? [WSJ]

    Better to be talked bad about than not to be talked about at all. Well, sucks for these people then. There's a new gossip hierarchy out, and looks like no one is talking about... well, anyone that they used to. [Gawker]

    Girls are being so sensitive these days. They're even offering cab money if their banker date has recently been laid off! At least they are waiting until the second or third date. [NY Mag]

    The only thing left that's not designer on Madison Avenue, wealthy New Yorkers may soon be able to order up their kids' biological features with genetic engineering like they order up dinner at Le Cirque. [NY Daily News]

    Apparently, porn on a large scale does exist outside of Christopher street. "One of Times Square's last big screen porno theaters" - apparently we missed the heyday of that trend - is just no longer what it used to be. [Curbed]