Guys, it's officially October which means everything is good and spooky in the world. Horror movie marathons, pumpkin picking, staging an Instagrammable murder scene - wait, what? 

Maybe it's just me, but whenever I'm running through a meticulously designed haunted house, I always bemoan the fact that I can't stop to take pictures of the fabulously macabre decor because 1) you're not allowed to and 2) like I said, I'm running away from maniacal costumed characters popping out of the shadows.

If you've ever faced a similar dilemma, I have some gruesomely good news. Dream Machine, one of this summer's hottest Insta-worthy destinations, has gotten a creepy face-lift for the season. Behold, Nightmare Machine - a pop-up playground for Halloween enthusiasts. Like those thrilling haunted houses we all know and love, the interactive space contains various horror-themed rooms - without the jump scares (well, mostly). The best part? It's literally made for the 'gram, so posing with severed limbs, coffins, and UFOs is actually encouraged! Blood-splattered guides take you from a foggy cemetery to an abandoned laundromat, and even a blazing ball pit from hell. It's all fun and games (and photos) - until some of your phobias come to life.

Nightmare Machine officially opens to the public on October 3rd, and runs through Halloween. Get tickets HERE and click through for a sneak peek!

[Photo via @eln_k]