Everyone has their holiday. St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Election Day... Jacob Faber (AKA Siren Starlite) and his roommate Morgan Hill have been going all out Halloween for years. You know when you're strolling down the street this time of year and see someone who looks like they should be walking across a lot at Paramount, having just come out of hours of hair and makeup, ready to shoot their scene in some magical, sci-fi, pop culture, horror film? That's Jacob. Real high production value. "I love Halloween because I get to dress up and forget about all my troubles," says Jacob. "David Bowie doesn't have student loans to pay, so for one night, neither do I." A very fair point indeed.

"The lamest ways to dress up are when you can tell they didn't really put any thought into it. Like, Sandra just drew on a black nose and some white dots and found some plush antlers in her mom's Christmas supplies, and called herself a deer just to maybe get a straight guy's attention at a bar that charges $12 for a Corona and has a permanently sticky floor. You have to dress up and COMMIT to the look. Trust me, you will have so much more fun."

Saying one has to commit makes sense and all, but the secret to pulling together a totally extra costume? "Think of the sluttiest and weirdest costume you can, and then go past it. Really make your mom's heart hurt."

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