Fashionistas Weigh In On Halloween Costumes: What Will You Be

by Ross Kenneth Urken · October 29, 2010

    Eddie BorgoSo there's an article in T Magazine called "Trick or Treat at T" that asks designers and fashionistas what they're going to dress as for Halloween. We had our own brilllliant takes and ideas, so naturally this piqued our interest.:

    We enjoyed Lauren Remington Platt's anecdote:

    "Last year I was a tornado, which involved wearing silver metallic leggings and wrapping myself in a silver spray-painted cobweb. My cat, Mr. Hobbs, recently ran away, and I haven't quite gotten over it, so this year I am going as 'a cat stuck in a tree.'"

    Lauren Remington Platt

    Great ideas and a sort of touching homage to her forlorn feline friend (emotional baggage and all), but we'd love to file a little interrogative missive to the fact-checking department: since when did Lauren Remington Platt became a so-labeled  "internet entrepreneur"? (Just kidding...). Her involvement with Brazilian Carlos Miele, who dresses our own Rachelle Hruska, may just justify the entrepreneurial label after all.

    We also loved the comments from Jason Wu, who loves horror films like "Ju-on, The Grudge." T Magazine writes:

    "[Wu] told us he's not dressing up, but if he were to, he would like to go as the small Asian boy from the movie."

    Let us know in the comments  what you're going as? Still choosing costumes from current events? Or wearing squirrels?

    /Lauren Remington Platt/

    [Image via T Magazine]