Some Of The Nuttiest Halloween Costumes From Last Weekend

by Chiara Atik · November 2, 2010

    So yesterday we gave an overview of Halloween in the city, and highlighted some of the great parties that took place last weekend. But one thing we haven't talked about too much are the legitimately crazy(awesome) costumes.-

    We weren't always sure what people were, but man do we feel like Halloween slackers now...

    No idea, but he has a codpiece.            Scary monsters with WWII hats?

    Cotton Balls? Wooly Mammoths?

    A domino                                                A Dr.Zizmor Ad

    Karl Lagerfeld!

    This one isn't insane, per se, but we think it's Anne Of Green Gables, and that's cool. Also, we're not sure, but we think the guy on the right might be Lawrence Of Arabia.

    David The Gnome?!?!

    That one Barbie, with the makeup....

    A Sea Of Gagas

    Including this pic because we love how impassive she remains when confronted with a MIME

    Whaaaat?                                          Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    And the best costume we have ever seen:

    Don't know how this girl walked around all night, but mad props on the costume.