Blue Print Cleanse - If You Want It Simple

Blue Print Cleanse
If you've never done a cleanse before, Blue Print is of the most popular options. Blue Print Cleanse makes it simple for first time users to find a system that works with their lifestyle. The three options are Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation, depending on what foods you typically eat, and by sticking to their 3 day plan, it's not completely unbearable. So if you're the type that drinks red wine and eats steak, there's a cleanse that won't have your system in a full freak out mode on just juice alone. Or, if you usually eat a lot of fruits and veggies, there's a juicing option for you too. Blue Print also makes sampling the juices easy by offering individual ones at Whole Foods. That way you can try one without having to commit to a cleanse if you know you aren't fully ready. Click HERE for more info!
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