Dry Brushing

While brushing your body may sound like something only Gwyneth Paltrow could have dreamed up while tripping on ayahuasca, it is indeed an actual thing that's been around for centuries. However, you can bet the Goop people are really into it (so much so that they have their own branded "dry brush"). The practice's main purpose is full-body exfoliation, leading to softer, smoother skin all over, but it also stimulates blood flow, can aid in lymphatic drainage, and might even reduce the appearance of cellulite. I'll be honest, I ordered a dry brush last summer, tried it a couple of times, and then promptly forgot about it. But I've recently returned to the pre-shower ritual (upward, circular strokes starting from your feet up), pairing it with a little bit of body oil and I have to say, it feels good! I have no idea if it's done anything for the dimples on my thighs, but the tingly, energizing feeling and soft skin afterwards is reward enough. Plus it gives me an excuse to take some extra "self-care" time in the bathroom.

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