Beautiful Girls are Sick-Literally!

by guestofaguest · October 24, 2007


    Psychology Today is reporting that beauty can be very misleading.  In it they claim that although most people automatically assume pretty people are healthier, Brandeis researchers are saying that they're wrong.  In our distant past, humans often sought out beautiful faces because it was a key indicator of a healthy mate.  Today, however, that no longer is the case.  Attractiveness and Health have a zero link in men, and a NEGATIVE link in women.  "Beautiful Girls" may be more likely to leave you "suicidal" (Sean Kingston), and now, it seems they may be more likely to leave you with a nasty cold.

    Victor Luevano of Brandeis suggests it's because attractive women are more social and pick up more pathogens, though "that still needs to be tested."  Women who are healthier are also the ones that SMILE more often.  So, maybe if you find a beauty who smiles a lot, the two will cancel each other out.  Stay away from the models, those girls are always pouting.  Though on the otherhand, catching a virus after making out with a model may not be THAT bad...