The New Digital Wellness & Fitness Platform Our Editors Are Obsessing Over

by Emma Metz · June 30, 2020

    Still struggling to master your quarantine workout routine? You're not alone. Similar to choosing a new Netflix series, the overabundance of streaming workout classes, Instagram lives, and Zoom sessions is daunting. I’ve scrolled though and tried countless fitness instructors on Instagram and YouTube and even signed up for a free trial of a streaming yoga platform. Still, nothing clicked.

    I was about to give up until beRevolutionarie popped up on my feed and answered my home workout prayers. The members only digital wellness + fitness platform launched in June and is totally different because it features the most sought after fitness instructors and wellness coaches in the industry, including Kate Kerner of Box + Flow, Bryna Carracino of BFit and REHAB flow, along with registered dietitians Amber Trejo, Jennie Malloy, and Haley Knauer (just to name a few). 

    No more digging around for the best because beRevolutionarie has done the work for you. The platform was founded by wellness industry veteran Kiara Horwitz and includes prerecorded workouts like yoga, cardio boxing, cycling, dance cardio, barre, and Pilates as well as meditation and mindfulness coaching.

    I am seriously obsessed. I love beRev perks, reading the beRev blog on beauty and wellness, and finally found what works for me. If you're looking for a preview, join us on July 4th at 10:00am for an exclusive GofG members Zoom class with BeRev's Bryna (@bfitnewyorkcity). She'll lead us through a 45 minute kettlebell flow. What could be better than a great workout before your Fourth of July celebrations? 

    Not yet a GofG member? Join HERE for more fun perks and invites like this!

    [Photos via @berevolutionarie @bfitnewyorkcity]