Bronx Flu: The Bronx Is The Unhealthiest Place In New York

by BILLY GRAY · February 18, 2010

    The Bronx finished dead last in a survey ranking the healthiness of New York's 62 counties. Brooklyn fared little better at #58, with Staten Island (#34), Manhattan (#30) and Queens (#24) rounding out NYC's dismal showing.

    Researchers who conducted the University of Wisconson study pointed out the sadly obvious, saying that "counties with large minority populations and high rates of poverty consistently rank as less healthy." That doesn't account for Queens--the most diverse county in America--being New York's healthiest borough. But it explains the lowly standing of the Bronx (which includes the poorest congressional district in the country).

    Meanwhile, suburbanites defy the conventional wisdom of car dependency resulting in automatic obesity, with Nassau and Westchester being among the healthiest counties in the state at #6 and #9.

    And if you take your health seriously, you might want to get the hell out of dodge and hunker down upstate. Podunk Putnam County tops the list for some once in a blue moon bragging rights.

    Still though, every morning its residents wake up fit as a Putnam County.

    (Photo Courtesy of WhoKnew?)