ClassPass Just Launched A Live At-Home Feature & It. Is. Amazing.

by Stephanie Maida · March 15, 2018

    You know the deal - wake up while it's still dark out, force yourself out of bed, and prepare for that early-morning commute to your 7 am cardio. You do it because (duh) it makes you look good, but also because it makes you feel good. Energized. Ready to walk into the office with an accomplishment already under your belt.

    I can't lie, ClassPass is fully to blame for my recent addiction to boutique fitness studios and morning workouts that are as trendy as they are toning. The app, which allows users more affordable monthly access to hundreds of local gyms and studios, has practically revolutionized the #fitchick industry since its launch in 2013. People talk about the new classes they've tried, they coordinate with friends, they have as much access as a fitness influencer. And now, they can have even more.

    ClassPass Live, a new digital platform, debuted this week - and it's giving both fitness fanatics and workout newbies yet another reason to love their sweat sessions.

    The on-demand feature, which will run current ClassPass subscribers just $10 a month, offers users unlimited workouts that they can do from home. But this is no exercise DVD alternative. Classes will be live-streamed Monday through Friday at 7 am, 9 am, and 10 am (from an HQ in Brooklyn), and you're pretty much insured against phoning it in. The high-tech, interactive experience uses Google Chromecast and a special Bluetooth heart rate monitor to track your progress amid the other live viewers, tapping into that low-key competitive mentality that makes you work so hard when you're in-studio and glancing over at your neighbors.

    The best part? You can literally roll out of bed five minutes before the class starts and bam! You're sweating it out in a digital fitness studio, with your stats right there on the screen alongside classmates from across the country. The instructor may even give you a shout out when you're killing it!

    When I tried an exclusive preview, I looked out my window and snowflakes the size of my head were coming down. Never have I been more thankful not to have to leave my house.

    The whole process is super simple - you just connect the Chromecast to your TV, log into your ClassPass app, head to videos, and book the upcoming live class. (For those not-so-morning folks out there, you can watch them later at any time, or catch one of the semi-live classes at noon). Then you snap on the heart rate monitor, connect that to your phone via Bluetooth, and voila! Your body burn is instantly tracked, ensuring that you're going as hard as you should be. Since all the classes are HIIT-based, the only extra equipment you'll need is a yoga mat (or a comfy rug).

    With an impressive selection of top trainers from all your tried and true faves, including Flywheel's Bakari Williams and Fhitting Room's Ben Wegman and Jess Sims, the experience really is just as energizing and motivating as a typical class - just in the comfort of your own space.

    Last but not least: it's affordable AF. Like I said before, the live feature costs $10 a month for current ClassPass members, but standalone subscriptions are just $15. Yes, you have to buy the starter kit, which includes the Chromecast and heart rate monitor, for $70, but for a limited time ClassPass is offering an annual subscription (including the starter kit) for $99. Not bad for a world of instant workout possibilities at your fingertips.

    Get it HERE!