David Barton Gym Shut Down All Locations Overnight

by Stephanie Maida · December 21, 2016

    Sorry boys, you'll need a new place to do your cruising. David Barton Gym is apparently out of business. The trendy, club-like fitness havens have shut down across the board, seemingly overnight. Counting a location at legendary nightclub, The Limelight, the luxe centers were famous for hosting live DJs, having dim lighting, and counting amongst its members the likes of Anderson Cooper and Nick Jonas. 

    Early Wednesday morning, gym-goers found a sign posted up declaring all locations permanently shuttered, citing "competitive market conditions." Maybe Equinox will swoop in and save the brand? After all, they're probably the ones who put it out of business. 

    Don't worry though, there's still hope if you just can't sweat it out unless you're in a social setting like this one. The namesake owner, David Barton, had severed ties with the chain a few years ago, and his new(ish) gym, TMPL, is still open. Get your asses over there before memberships run out.

    [Photos via @davidbartongym, @darenfleming]