Thigh Gap Thursdays: The Controversial New Workout Class

by Millie Moore · March 16, 2017

    Ah, the thigh gap. Controversial, yes, but something many girls aspire to have. Those of us who don't have one (which is like, 98% of the population) will readily get up on our soapbox given the opportunity to pontificate about how thigh gaps are from genetics and bone structure, thereby making it impossible to have one. Incentivizing eating disorders and disrespecting our bodies just for a space between our thighs? No, thank you. Still, you have to admit, a small part of you would put "thigh gap" at the top of your Amazon wishlists if you could, right? Think of the Instagram likes and the opportunity to sell Lokai bracelets and Fit Tea on social media, people!

    Well your wish is Stephen Pasterino's command. Dubbed the "ass master" by GQ magazine, Stephen has been in the fitness industry for about 15 years and has opened his own studio, located on Bowery Street. His classes are somewhat like Pilates and essentially consist of a series of low rep regimens that are each distinctive so that you fitness fiends don't get bored during class. Every day of the week except for Thursdays he offers his Total Body Sculpt class. His Thigh Gap Thursdays classes are held, well, on Thursday, and they aim to sculpt your lower body muscles, lift your booty, and tone your inner thighs in order to achieve a thigh gap (which, once again, is from genetics, but whatever). 

    "Lets slow everything down and really give you a better sense of how this machine (the body) feels when it’s moving, flowing better, and when there is less tension in it," Pasterino says on his website. "My workout and method are constantly changing and evolving, giving you a chance to move your body every which way it can without being stuck to a limited set of positions. This is the secret to allowing women to finally yield the results they work so hard for, making everyone feel comfortable, confident, and empowered at any age." 

    Problematic name for a promising fitness class? For sure. But it sounds like Bodies By P offers an innovative, empowering, and upbeat approach to fitness!

    [Photo via @mexiquer @bodiesbyp]