Green Juice Gummy Bears Are Here For You Faux Fitness Freaks

by Christie Grimm · May 1, 2017

    We kid you not. Perhaps the best thing to happen to fake health-conscious people since gummy vitamins, candy maker Sugarfina, home of the Rosé Gummy Bears, those sweet treats that got you and everyone you know all hot and bothered last summer, has just come out with a line of "Green Juice" Bears. 

    A collaboration with Pressed Juicery, these little guys are packed with apple, lemon, ginger, and greens. With no artificial colors or flavors, they're also, if you can believe it, fat free, and non-GMO, complete with 20% of your daily Vitamins C & A.

    Already wondering how you can work these into your daily routine? We mean without bingng on them, à la gummy vitamins (though honestly, if it were dangerous to eat too many of those in one sitting, trust us, we'd know). Well, you'll just need to go on their 7-day cleanse package, which comes with 7 of their Baby Bear shots, the perfect pick me up to any day, and the perfect accessory to your casual brunching outfit of yoga pants and athletic shoes, which in no ways means you are at any point going to the gym that day.

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