How RHONY Alum Heather Thomson Is Cutting Through All The BS Of The Wellness Industry

by Stephanie Maida · July 30, 2021

    If you've ever had to hold your nose while gulping down a chalky protein shake or force yourself to remember to take a supplement, Heather Thomson is here to help.

    You see, she agrees that, for the most part, the "wellness industry" (and all it peddles) is bullshit. And that's exactly why she entered it. 

    The fashion designer, entrepreneur, and Real Housewives of New York alum is the co-founder of Beyond Fresh, an organic superfood brand that combines holistic knowledge with science-based research to make taking control of your health easier than ever. Since she's also a certified integrative-nutrition health-coach, we're going to say she knows what she's talking about. 

    "[The idea behind Beyond Fresh] was really was about pure, wholesome, clean, quality nutrition that's delicious to eat and accessible to everybody. I really felt that there was a white space there, as overcrowded as you could say the space of ‘supplements’ is. But I think it’s more confusing than overcrowded. There are so many mixed messages and so much propaganda out there that people that are really trying to do the right thing [in regards to their health] are oftentimes bamboozled with a lot of promises or with quick fixes or magic pills," she says.

    "The propaganda out there really does steer us in the direction of trends and what’s good for big industry and not necessarily what’s honest and what’s good for Americans and American families. Like 'Gluten Free.' It became an entire new classification for the food industry. Foods are sold that say 'gluten free' that never had gluten anyway. That’s just an example."

    In an effort to cut through all the BS, Heather applied the knowledge she's gained on her own health journey to create a supplement line that's as straightforward as she is.

    "Through my studies I have learned there is only one 'diet' - if you even want to call it that - out there that doesn’t have any negative attributes: a whole food, plant-based diet. The reason why [Beyond Fresh] is plant-based is that plants are good for you - and they’re good for the planet. People don’t understand simple facts like, yes, you can get protein from plants!"

    And the product line really does make it simple. From the ultimate all-in-one Amazing Shake (packed with 15 grams of amino-acid rich plant protein, natural carbs, probiotics, prebiotics, healthy fatty acids, and a mix of 23 vitamins and minerals) to blends of green and red superfoods, Beyond Fresh's star products address specific concerns like gut or heart health, while offering overall wellness support to help you feel, and be, your best. 

    Even more importantly - everything is actually so delicious. The Amazing Shake tastes like a vanilla latte, and the probiotic-packed Fruit and Vegetable Chews are like what we wish Starbursts tasted like. The brand's latest innovation? Turning their already wildly tasty apple cider vinegar into good-for-you gummies. When I tell Heather that I have to stop myself from snacking on handfuls at a time, she's definitely pleased.

    "The number one thing was that [everything] had to taste good. You have to like it. It has to be delicious, you have to look forward to eating it, drinking it, taking it. If it becomes burdensome or feels like a task, it’s not sustainable."

    So, in the midst of her fabulous life, how does Heather keep her habits sustainable?

    "It’s really about being honest and in touch with yourself. I know when I’m overindulging, and instead of beating myself up about it, I go with it until I know it’s time to create a balance or a shift. Like vacation for example - I don’t limit myself. Or if I know my girlfriends are coming for the weekend, I don’t limit myself. But I know the day they leave I’m going to start my routine again. I think allowing yourself those times is important. And then as you crowd out bad choices with better ones, you start to make those better choices all the time."

    A cocktail on Friday and an Amazing Shake on Monday? We could manage that.

    Shop the Beyond Fresh line HERE!

    [Photos via Heather Thomson]