How To Thrive At Not Being A Morning Person

by Guest of A Guest · November 11, 2020

    Do you find yourself constantly lured into clicking on those stupid, generic articles about How To Be A Morning Person? Foolish enough to think for even a second that after reading it you'll be jumping out of bed with a smile on your face just desperate to start the day?

    Dude. Before you pretend to go through all the trouble of putting your phone in a different room and scheduling an early workout class to motivate this unnecessary life change, why not try embracing your natural state?

    Scroll below for our top five tips for living your best non-morning person life!

    - Go to bed even later!
    The best part of being an adult is that it's always TV time. Be bold, click that Next Episode button on Netflix even though social norms tell you it's much too late to start another, and another, and another. If you're feeling a smidge guilty, you can always get a little productive during your screening. We all have that one work person who sends out emails at 6AM, low-key shaming you. Beat them to the punch and redefine what "early morning emailing" really looks like with a quick 2AM check-in.

    - Snooze yourself silly!
    Why rush yourself out of bed? Your feet are just going to be cold, and your apartment is just going to be as messy as you left it last night. Set a few different alarms so you can ease yourself into the world of the living. Just make sure that your second to last alarm is set for when it's time for you to roll over and scroll through Instagram for half an hour.

    - Get a blackout shade!
    Speaking about scrolling through Instagram - everyone is always saying that you shouldn't be around blue light before you go to sleep, but nobody talks about it being especially bad for you in the morning! Find yourself a really good blackout shade to transform your boudoir into a cave where no sliver of sunlight will be able to wake you up before you're mentally ready. Funny enough, a good 30 minutes of your phone's dimmest blue light setting first thing in the morning should actually reduce your melatonin levels, helping you wake up naturally. Or it'll make you blind - I'm not a doctor, I don't really know.

    - Schedule nothing before 12PM!
    Not only are you doing yourself a favor, you're doing everyone you work and socialize with a favor. When they enthusiastically accept your invitation to an 8AM breakfast or a 9AM catch-up call, they're lying, exhausted at the thought and already resenting you. 

    - Bring the office to bed!
    I have always been obsessed with the fact that French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat basically spent all day working in the bathtub. He had a skin condition, so it's not like he was a working-from-home revolutionary, but still, he was on to something! Why not just keep your laptop next to your bed and save yourself the trouble of having to move at all? Live the dream and literally wake up at the office, able to check your slacks and gchats while horizontal, sunk into a wall of pillows, wrapped up in sheets.

    In conclusion, just keep doing you! You're killing it!

    [Photo via @jaceyduprie]