It's Your Last Chance To Sweat It Out At This Glam Rooftop Sauna

by Stephanie Maida · March 21, 2019

    If you have yet to tap into the power of infrared saunas, this is your perfect chance.

    Trendy wellness go-to HigherDOSE teamed up with Terra Glamping and Brooklyn's The William Vale hotel for New York's first outdoor infrared sauna experience. The Scandinavian-inspired outdoor spa, located on the hotel's 4th-floor terrace, offers Cryo Facials, Infrared Blankets, and, our favorite, Infrared Saunas inside your own private tent (which, of course, is decked out with furry throws, piles of towels, salt lamps, and alkaline water).

    The cozy - and very Instagrammable - destination utilizes hot-and-cold therapy, which is recommended for the best detox results. Sweat out the bad stuff in the heat, then jump into the chill air to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost your mood. 

    As for the saunas themselves, switch between various infrared light colors to target your health goals, from anti-aging to weight loss. You can even plug in your phone to blast your favorite tunes - and invite a friend for a mini sauna party.

    After your sesh, refresh with high-end beauty products from Tata Harper, Ursa Major, Agent Nateur and Playa Beauty.

    Appointments are only available through the beginning of April, so book yours ASAP.

    [Photos courtesy The William Vale]