This New Spin Bike Powers Your Netflix Binge

by Millie Moore · July 31, 2017

    Watching television has been a tool to help you bide your time while working out for a long time now. The problem? Your television can't monitor how much you slow down during Chuck and Blair's sexual warfare or Michael Scott's shenanigans.

    The solution? Cycflix.

    Cycflix is a new invention that works in conjugation with your favorite go-to streaming site. Essentially, you enter your goals for your DIY spin class in the comfort of your own studio before you begin sweating your ass off. That way, if you drop below your goals, the screen warns you that you're being a space cadet and not keeping up. It can then pause the show until you pick up the pace.

    Perfect, right? Now you really can have #NoDaysOff and truly attain that Kardashadonk you've been striving for while binge watching Friday Night Lights!

    [Photo via Getty]